Restaurant SpringRolls

Year 2014 we took over “Lina’s bar” on Hantverkargatan 84, but our history goes far back in time, it began year 1999, with restaurant “House We” in Kallhäll. After the all the years of experience, we wanted to take with us our cooking skills to Kungsholmen, the restaurant opened with the new name “SpringRolls” in a completely renovated environment and relaxing atmosphere.

Chef Wei has had a long experience in Asian cooking and does it with healthy and fresh ingredients. Our complex menu consists of dishes from many parts of Asia, but the main focus is within Vietnamese cuisine.

“Food should be cooked with love, you should show full potential in each dish” - Chef Wei

(You can also book a party venue here! Up to 30 people)

What is vietnamese food?

In Vietnam you prefer flavour before heat, and on a visit to the country lemongrass, ginger, mint, thai basil and star anise are flavours that you will learn to recognise. Just like every country the food is influenced by geography and history, and Vietnam can roughly be divided into the North and the South kitchen. In the north, the food is strongly influenced by China and they use black pepper rather than chili to round out the food. In the south they use curry and exotic fruits in the cooking too. Typical for the vietnamese kitchen is Nuocmam, a fish sauce that has the same usage as soy in dishes. It is also a great dip sauce. A lot is recognised from the thai kitchen, especially herbs, lemon grass and lime, but in comparison with the thai kitchen the Vietnamese flavour combination is sweeter and less spicy.

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday(holiday): 16 - 22
Friday: 16 - 23
Saturday: 12 - 23
Sunday: Closed